Career re-direction case management assists injured workers to return to work with a new employer when unable to return to their pre-injury occupation. Edge provides innovative, supportive and effective assistance in circumstances where an injured individual is unable to return to their pre-injury occupation.


The Vocational Assessment process assists an individual to identify realistic and achievable employment options based on their level of education and training, prior experience and aptitudes which are measured via psychometric testing instruments. These may include vocational interest surveys, personality assessments and IQ tests.

The Vocational Assessment process provides information such as:

  • capacity to return to similar employment
  • capacity for alternative employment with current work skills and injury impairment
  • capacity to undertake further appropriate courses and/or retraining
  • possible future employment prospects with or without retraining
  • whether any vocational rehabilitation assistance could improve the injured worker’s prospect of returning to wor


Our Job Search Skills Training program assists individuals to acquire job seeking competencies such as résumé preparation, interview technique, cover and expression of interest letter writing, and personal presentation skills.

This training develops the individual’s abilities in areas such as addressing key selection criteria, disclosing their injury (when appropriate), confidently discussing gaps in their employment history, responding to interview questions and promoting their best attributes in a panel interview context.

At the conclusion of the Job Search Skills Training program, a job seeker will have gained valuable skills and independence in their ability to identify suitable vacancies or potential employers, express their interest in the potential role and apply and interview for the relevant position with positive results.

Let our professional team help you recover

Edge People Management’s team of experienced injury management consultants can assist in solving the problems and overcome the barriers that may prevent an injured worker from returning to productive employment through strategic resolution practices.